The Importance Of Knowing Khildren’s Clothing Material

Never thought about what is in the clothes you wear? First there are pesticides that are used when growing fiber, then there are fungicides and preservatives that usually stop them from moldy. Next comes dyes, usually synthetic, plus additions such as plastic molds containing plastic softener chemicals. Research shows that high levels of azo coloring agents, compounds that have been found to cause cancer, are found in children’s clothing. Terrible isn’t it? Meanwhile, you may also need to check out the best and safe girls clothes that you can buy online.

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Of course, there are rules about chemicals in clothes that get away, but this is the most frightening part: quality control in importing countries is minimal with regulations and many don’t care.

In developed countries, they certainly have a lot of benchmarking levels about chemicals used in the textile industry which are considered “acceptable”. But almost no research has examined the combined and cumulative effects of these chemicals on humans and the environment, and now there is evidence that toxic substances in our clothing can disrupt hormones, which have an immune system, as in the case of AZO dyes, cause cancer.

Children are very vulnerable because they have more skin surface area to their body weight, which means a higher absorption potential through the skin. Plus they tend to chew and lick their clothes.