Tips For Executing Driver Shot Without Slice In Golf

Drivers are the most difficult golf sticks to master, with the longest shafts but with the smallest angles, the average amateur wears sizes 9 to 10.5 degrees golf savers. Even though it has been assisted by a large and light head, supported by the latest technology, still hitting on a driver is the most difficult. The most common disease is the SLICE swing, the ball bounces to the right into the forest or to the next hole. Apart from that, we highly recommend you to play golf at the best bangkok golf course.

The causes are various, the most common are:

The wrong stand, too tilted, the backswing is not optimal and when the impact is tilted also because the horses are less sturdy.

The proportion of body pressure on the legs is as follows:

Hands too stiff. the grip is too tight, the shoulders and arms are too tense, as a result of the backswing of the body being carried away. Just make it easy to hold the handles and arms, so that the backswing can turn round optimally. just try holding it rigidly do swing many times. then just try to grip the handle, arm and shoulder muscles, do casual swings of backswing until followthrough, how can it be better and optimal right?

The focus of the eye is not to the point where the ball is placed, but look first to see the direction of the ball. see the best example is tigerwood, after impact the eye stays focused on the point of the ball, later also see yourself carried around the body.

Chicken wing, when the left elbow is pulled. the main cause of the backswing of the hand to the left shoulder is too tense, not relaxing so that during the follow-up (after impact) the left shoulder rises / pulls backward. it should be if the left-hand muscles are not stiff the left shoulder remains flat.

To improve the chicken wing, try to follow the following link: Improve Your Golf Swing Stop The Chicken Wing.