You Shouldn’t Bring Smelly Things Into An Air-Conditioned Room

A room with an air conditioner is cool and comfortable. A room like that allows you to relax or do your activities more comfortably. However, when you want to stay in an air-conditioned room, perhaps you should not bring any items that have a very strong smell. It’s because smelly items aren’t just bad in a room with an AC, but the AC will make the smell gets even worse. Therefore, we recommend you to never bring any items or foods which are smelly into an air-conditioned room. The AC might be broken by some bad air particles too, and you may have to call aircon service singapore to repair it.

Here are the items that you shouldn’t bring into an air-conditioned room:

Cigarettes are bad in a room with an AC

Some people enjoy smoking. However, it doesn’t mean that it can be done anywhere even though it has been widely accepted in some countries. You definitely need to choose the right place and time to enjoy your cigarettes, or you will simply disturb other people around you. We especially recommend you not to smoke in an air-conditioned room, due to the smell will become worse and it sticks to the wall for a long time. Aside from making the room less healthy than before, the tobacco particles in the air might get sucked into the AC’s filter, thus making it performs worse and potentially break that part of the AC.

Duran and smelly foods are the worst in an air-conditioned room

Foods can be enjoyable most of the time. However, some people may eat smelly foods without regards to other people around them. That’s why we suggest you not to bring any smelly foods in an air-conditioned room, especially the durian fruit. Aside from making the smell worse, even the durian lovers will hate the smell of a durian which has been strengthened by an air conditioner.

Smelly clothes are bad too

Wet socks and sweaty jerseys are smell worse in an air-conditioned, room, so you may want to change your clothing before you enter a room with an if your socks and clothes are all wet and smelly.