Several Differences Between Apartments And Condominiums

Apartments are building blocks which are divided into a number of spaces or units that are installed or built strata-tittle or rented. Whereas condominiums are dwellings that are also similar to apartments. The condo itself is from English. The word condominium is a combination of the words con and dominium. Which means something Wilshire Residences related to building owners or building use rights. Apartments refer to the physical form of the building you are occupying, while the condo refers to the ownership of the place you live in. From this understanding, of course, you can give an idea of the differences between the two dwellings. Meanwhile, you may also check out the recommended Wilshire Residences if you’re looking for a great place to live near Bukit Timah.

Shape of Building

Although both are vertical buildings, it turns out that apartments and condominiums have different building forms. The building for the condo is only equipped with two or three towers, while the building for the building is lined with the tower.

In addition, the condominiums such as Wilshire Residences are equipped with complete facilities, such as a large swimming pool, gym, or other luxurious facilities. And basically, the condo is for those in the upper class, while the apartment can be for the middle to upper class.

Ownership status

In addition to the things above, one of the differences between apartments and condominiums is their ownership status. Experts in property science suggest that once the apartment was a type of vertical building whose status could only be rented. So that residents who inhabit the apartment have no right to sell or rent back to others without the knowledge of the owner or developer of the apartment. While condominiums are vertical building types and consist of several floors, their functions are for sale. Wilshire Residences showflat of the condo are also the owners of the condominium unit they inhabit.

The buyer has the right to resell his condo or rent it back. However, in the current era, the construction of luxury apartments is also not the case with the existence of Condominium. This makes the position between apartments and condominiums almost equal. That’s why we also recommend you to check out Wilshire Residence apartments/condos to buy the good one with clear ownership status.