The growth of well-being in economically developed countries, the increase in free time and the needs of society associated with the civilization of leisure, led to a very favorable situation in the world market of cinema services. Evidence of this fact is served by thousands of audiences at concerts of world celebrities, the fullness of theaters and the queues at cinemas in Europe and America.

Cinemark Ticket Prices:

  • relatively reasonable ticket prices (in the US about 5.5 USD in good cinema in the first days of the premiere);
  • the ability to immediately realize their desire to relax culturally, since usually CineMark Ticket Prices do not need to be purchased in advance. You can Find the Prices for Cinemark Tickets Here

The modern concept of film distribution organization significantly expands these possibilities. The cinema is included in the sphere of youth and family entertainment, pushing aside TV and video, reviving the fashion for cult trips to cinema halls. In the best way, all the listed requirements are met by new generation cinemas

Cinemark Multiplexes& Cinemark Food Concession

Multiplex is a multifunctional complex, a mandatory component of which is the presence of several relatively small viewing rooms (100-150 seats in each) for the demonstration of films, a diverse repertoire, modern technical equipment, a high level of comfort.

In the multiplex there is a lesson for everyone, since the range of related services is very wide: parking for cars, children’s room, cafe, bar, restaurant, etc. This is how the theater distribution of Germany, France and the USA was saved – here multiplexes won the war for the audience from single-room cinemas, which were later rebuilt. In Hungary, a large project “Budapest film distribution”. There all the leading metropolitan cinemas, as a rule, including several cinema halls, have been completely re-equipped and rebuilt. They have special libraries and reading rooms, cafes, places for recreation. In a similar cinema, you can spend all day.

Summarizing the above, the following most important points about CinEmark Movie Theaters

  1. The stable economic situation has led to a boom of cultural and entertainment services in economically developed countries.
  2. Effective film distribution is the most important condition for the existence and development of film production.

3.Cinemark  Multiplexes are the general direction of development of film distribution, which has ensured the competitiveness of the film industry among other cultural and entertainment services.

  1. Cinemark Multi-functionality of multiplexes allows them to become centers of youth and family leisure.
  2. The film distribution system works more efficiently if the society has created an interested positive attitude towards this type of leisure activity in general, and multiplexes in particular.

Analysis of the market of Cinemark cinema and entertainment services

Sociologists and economists in the field of the domestic film industry argue that the most statistically significant, economically sound and full-fledged audience of cinemas at the moment are students and young people with average and above average income levels. The main age category attending cinemas is from 14 to 34 years old. Visiting modern cinema is becoming a fashionable entertainment. The emerging trend will become a reality of our life if a large number of cinemas of a new type are created – multiplexes, which will cover a wide circle of potential viewers and ensure the availability of leisure activities in this way. Having matured, the younger generation will not want to abandon the established habits and, perhaps, then the cinema will become a place for family recreation.