A Wonderful Ayahuasca Treatment Centre

If you ever visit Peru with your friends or families then you should stop by at our wonderful ayahuasca retreat centre. We welcome you with so many luxury stuffs that you might not find at the other ayahuasca treatment centre. There are many ayahuasca treatment centre places or spa in Peru but many of them are still using boring old school designs and conventional treatment methods. Here we are giving you different sensations while you’re having our ayahuasca treatment process. At our place you will get different spaces that you might haven’t been before.

We serve you with thematic treatment rooms with comfortable designs and concepts. We also have air conditioners that will cool your body out of the hot tropical weather in Peru. You can bring your friends or families as well. They will like to be at our place for many hours because we have many leisure spots as well. Our ten thematic rooms were designed very attractive in order to attract our guests intentions for having the ayahuasca treatment. If you have kids, we will make sure that they will feel so happy when they are waiting for you.

They can come and play to a wonderful thematic playgrounds that we have made for children. You can take and enjoy your healing moments on your own and you will not be worry about your awesome children. They will have many of excellent toys at the playgrounds. They will have three wonderful thematic playgrounds, there are pirate theme, jungle theme and ancient Peru theme. We will give your children a very nice education at the playgrounds. They can read many of books and also watch the videos or cartoons from a big screen that we put in those three playground areas. This place that we made for our guests is very comfortable for everyone.